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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Expos'e From The Dark Side !!!

  This series of writing are a attempt to deal spirituality and with the science of living. This expos'e is an attempt to be transparent, something that I find very obvious in the writings of the "talented tent maker from Tarsus ".(Paul)I pray that not only I would grow and mature through this experience but some other searching soul would be illuminated through the HOLY SPIRIT and move one step closer to what the Buddhism call "Nirvana" which is a state of mind and not a place. After an encounter with Jesus The Christ through a series awakenings the progressive work of sanctification through a perpetual hunger for righteous living as the writer of Hebrews states the transition from milk to meat. 

Many of the Masses that call themselves Christians which mean "Christ like" who meet week after week, who pay there dues, serve on there given post, are rarely challenged to know JESUS through His Word. "In The Beginning Was The Word And The Word Was GOD", There is a part of our experience that is physical  and can only be understood through the eyes of Faith. But to know GOD'S VOICE and to understand His ways can only be done through living LIFE in light of  scripture. Please pray for me Darwin Micheal Harris as I pray for you !!!

For years I've lived between two selves the young man with dreams and visions of greatness and a child afraid. 
In the book the "Road less Traveled"the path to destruction is broad, attractive and easy to find until it get's you in it's clutches then it becomes a roaring lion or boa constrictor whose only purpose is kill , destroy, any and everything associated me.
But There comes a time, a moment of clarity like in the story of the "prodigal son"where we must come to ourselves or die trying , a time when a man must take a stand for what he believes , he must align himself with the GOD of the scriptures. He must willing to fight with all that he knows (knowledge) how.
If your a fan of Shakespeare and the Bible you know that many of it's heroes had serious character flaws it make for a good story and teaches some important lessons. One of the greatest characters in the Bible he's called a friend of God and the Father of the FAITH  Abraham had an integrity and fear issue twice he offered wife to have sex with other man because he did not trust that God could or would protect him(gen 12:11-20, gen 20:2-13) sisters imagine that the man of your dreams offering you to another man and what would that relationship be like afterward. Brother or Sister in Christ would you shout or dance and praise  God with this as a testimony, would your wife tell everyone the she let another woman have her man to have a child, imagine laying in another room knowing what your husband was doing in another. 

Let me leave you with this for TODAY if your fear is separating you from God , remember trials to triumph, no test no testimony, no cross no crown, that God will never ask you to do anything He can't bring to completion, even if it requires miraculous intervention on HIS PART. 
If You Understand What The Spirit Is Saying ?? Say Amen !!!!!


  1. Lord, your word is a lamp until my feet and a light unto my pathway. May I always trust in you and lean not to my own understanding, but in all of my ways, acknowledge you, you will direct my path. You are my light and my salvation, in Him will I trust.

    Doing anything other than trusting in the Lord is like trying to get to the other side, walking on quick sand.

    In whom will you trust?